Athena Fintech Solution digitalizes the enrollment process

The bottleneck in applying smart enrollment technology in Vietnam

In our country, current educational institutions face many difficulties in attracting students to apply. According to the Vietnam E-Journal of Education, in 2022, at many universities, the actual number of students applying for admission is thousands of lower than the target. Notably, there are schools that can only recruit a few hundred candidates, missing nearly 80% of the target.

There are many reasons leading to this issue, in which, the biggest reason comes from the limitation in informing capacity, accessing to parents and students. Many educational institutions do not meet enrollment targets due to a lack of human resources to participate in counseling, resulting in a low number of students knowing about the educational programs; or due to the uneven quality of counseling, not being able to fully meet the needs of the students, especially during peak seasons.

In addition, educational institutions face many difficulties in managing candidate information. Some important information such as enrollment counseling events, application schedules, etc. have not been sent to potential candidates in a timely manner, resulting in a significant loss of candidates for admission.


To overcome this situation, many universities have looked to information technology solutions, digital transformation technology, specifically the enrollment consulting switchboard for the education industry.

However, in reality, not any plan to apply technology in automatic enrollment calls is as effective as expected. Educational institutions may face a number of obstacles such as: the switchboard solution is not smart enough, the conversation is not natural enough; The scenario has not been optimized according to the experience journey or technical problems frequently occur, disrupting the system, etc.

Smart enrollment switchboard: ushering in a digital era for education

The smart enrollment switchboard solution was developed by Athena Fintech Solution Joint Stock Company (AthenaFS) on the basis of 4.0 smart switchboard technology and researched on the practical needs of the university's operation plans, as well as enterprises in the Vietnamese market.

In particular, the dialogue of the smart switchboard is greeted and personalized with each candidate's name by text-to-speech artificial voice technology. This is a solution to automatically call, interact and screen potential candidates 100 times faster than consultants calling manually. The results showed that the system was able to provide information to the number of students up to 12,000 students in just 1 day. From there, universities can get closer to students in counseling and orientation.

The flexibility in applying new technology in enrollment can help universities free up the workload of 100 people in 1 day and only need 1 person to operate. Accordingly, an employee at the university can completely build the campaign and operate the enrollment campaign by himself. To support, AthenaFS will always have top experts in the field of VOIP available to meet the core system operation to ensure that it always satisfies the great needs of many customers.


Nguyen Huynh Duc, CEO of AthenaFS, said: “AthenaFS smart switchboard technology solution will widely meet the demand of many universities in the country as well as the vast majority of businesses in the country to apply in the business field of enterprise”.

During its operation, AthenaFS has continuously brought to market advanced technology solutions to solve problems in business operations, helping businesses transform quickly in the era of digital technology development. develop like a hurricane. In the next year, AthenaFS will continue to strive to bring technology together with Vietnamese businesses, contributing to the national digital transformation revolution, Mr. Duc added.

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